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The art of Soaking: Get rid of stains & kill bacteria quick

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Stains are inevitable and if you are a mum stains are a guaranteed weekly if not daily battle of life. Getting the general laundry completed while also feeding the kids and maybe giving them some type of attention is the goal which can pretty much be forgotten if we throw a stained or soiled piece of clothing into the mix.

Fast forward to finding the space to get the clothes into the bucket to soak and then getting back to the kids, knowing how “mum hours” seem to evaporate it can be literally day/s before you get back to that boiling bucket of bacteria.

Soaking stains and remembering to get back to it before the bacteria starts to breed in the grime-infused water – that you have to put your hands in… is #mumreality for most of us. So here are our top hacks to get stains out quick and how to never have to touch that bacteria filled grey gunky water again.

The bees-knees of soaking:

  1. Treat the stain with the right removal product
  2. Soak items in the Strucket
  3. Leave to sanitise and don’t stress (the Strucket is handsfree)
  4. Come back when you remember
  5. Separate the items from the water with the strainer
  6. Remove your clean items without touching the grime-filled unhygienic water
  7. Drain the water without touching it through the awesome side drain plug
  8. Smile and enjoy a glass of wine because today you owned #mumlife

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