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How the Strucket Works

Just like a normal bucket (but better), the Strucket makes soaking simple and easy.

With the Strucket you will never leave your items soaking for endless days again, because the Strucket makes soaking simple and stress-free! Pop your items in to soak and when you return simply pull up the strainer, connect it to the top of the base and then drain using the outer plug – without ever touching the water or the toxic mess in it!

The 1st of its kind

It is hard to believe that some things do not already exist... especially when it is as ingenious as a strainer bucket that lets you soak, separate and drain without having to touch the residual toxic, unhygienic, dirty water! The Strucket is a first-of-its-kind, soaking solution created on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, by mum-of-three Kelly Lavery.

International patent rights pending” – we always wanted to say that!

The Strucket is an everyday solution to make life easier for anyone with anything to soak!

Environmentally Friendly

By now you’re probably aware of the plastic problem taking over our world. It’s time to banish single-use plastic from the home. Strucket can be used time and time again, and is 100% recyclable, making it easy to do your bit for the planet.

Plus, it’s BPA-free, so it’s safer for your family, too.

Hands off the water

The revolutionary strainer-meet-bucket system is designed to ensure you no-longer need to touch dirty, unhygienic, toxic water again. Perfect for sensitive skin and anyone who doesn’t love grime, the Strucket allows you to easily separate and drain with the inbuilt connection mechanism and plug. Your hands never, ever touch dirty (or smelly) water!

Australian Design & Made

Created by local Sunshine Coast mother of three Kelly Lavery, the Strucket is Australian designed and manufactured. Every time you use your Strucket you are supporting the Australian economy and helping to create and sustain local jobs!

Infinite Uses

The Strucket is a soaking system that makes soaking simple and easy. From nappies, bibs and baby clothes to sheets, toys, dad’s golf balls, and the fruit & veg... The Strucket can be used inside, outside, for the kid's stuff, the dad's stuff and the pet's stuff - there are infinite uses across the whole house. Check out some of our favourite things to Strucket here!

Our customers love Strucket!

My Strucket making life with a newborn easy and also saving me from the pain of having to hand wash my favourite delicate clothes! hands free and mess free. No laundry should be without one!!!

– Tegan Foden

A fantastic Aussie made product!
It arrived yesterday and I have already used it for soaking and handwashing.

Made handwashing a breeze with the agitating action from lifting inner bucket up and down. It's very good quality plastic and you can tell it will last for years.

Everyone needs a Strucket !

– Carmen Gibson

I absolutely love my strucket! it makes soaking the clothes SO much easier. I've only had it for 1 week and have soaked more things then in the last 2 months. its So easy to use and I love how it drains itself.
if you are debating whether to buy one or not. DO IT. you will not regret it. from a very happy customer!!

– Jen Veeve Mullock

Thanks for the great customer service! Such a great product. The best thing for soaking school uniforms. Wish I discovered these earlier.

– Leanne Sander

Bought the strucket at the Brisbane baby expo. Did my first sanitize of cloth diapers. So much less mess and so easy!! Highly recommend!

– Emily Botten

A laundry and kitchen must have! Takes the mess and contamination out of soaking/cleaning dirty clothes (diapers, whites, toys, fruit and the rest!) and whatever else needed. Such a sturdy, high quality and detailed product with dual functions. Also a practical baby shower gift for new moms. Well done Strucket team!

– Laura Amelia Shea

Perfect for soaking clothes, soaking vegetables and fruit, cleaning toys! I have gone nuts but will do a video review soon

The customer service is ABOVE AND BEYOND! If something needs fixing or anything they are happy to answer questions, and helpful in every aspect!
Highly recommend!!

– Kathleen Shield

Loooove my Strucket! I use it to wash my reusable diapers in and it makes cleaning them easy! Thank you for such an amazing product 😍

– Jessie Maree

It has an all round multi purpose use and not just for the laundry. Love my strucket.

– Megan Nicole

What an amazing invention! Couldn’t be happier with the service or product.

– Ashleigh Atkinson

Its so convenient! I have it sitting in the laundry filled with water and napisan, whenever my son soils or spews on his clothes they go straight in to soak. when i'm ready to wash i pull the plug and hang it up to drain on the side of the bucket and then throw it into the wash! no mess and best of all i don't have to touch anything (not like its an issue anyway) 10/10 would recommend to anyone. for any day to day activity.

– Jess Griffiths

W.O.W absolutely LOVE my strucket! I’ve only had it 3 days and it has changed my life! The best invention ever!

– Tamarin Carrett

Soaking green tomatoes and onions for my spicy green tomato pickles my strucket is the perfect tool

– Wendy Darcy

Love my new Strucket, been using it to mop my floor clean my windows, hand wash my clothes air dry my empty bottles so many great uses.. Big fan....

– Mitchell Dickman

I am happy it's a decent size and multipurpose so I dont have to lift heavy buckets full of items and water instead I can just drain it then rinse and put in the washing machine or easily bathe my bub and then drain the water out and rinse off 😍

– Gina Erceg

LIFE CHANGING!!!! I love my strucket! So much I have given my sister in law one when she had a baby. My husband even uses it. I have two now. I only wish it was around for my number one, we could have saved so many clothes that I decided to throw because I hate touching yukkies and bleach! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

– Jessica Edwards

what a fab & practical/ useful innovation for everyone who has household/laundry chores! welk done

– Halena Kopania


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