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Top ideas for Family Easter Fun

We know Easter is literally the one time of year when chocolate calories do not exist. However, in the interest of mental sanity (because a 5-year-old after 5 eggs is like a mini-tornado hitting), we decided to gather some of the best non-chocolate fun we could find to help entertain your babes this Easter.

  • Get Crafty. Make some cool and funny Easter cards together with the kids. Get out the glitter, paint, textas and card board, and have fun as you glue and colour away. Making cards is a great non-chocolate activity and you can gift them to family and friends saving you dollars too!
  • Get in the kitchen. Kids love to cook, and Easter is a wonderful time to engage them in making a family meal. As it heads into the cooler months, what a great chance to cook up a simple roast and veg and then have the family around to share it. Make it a meal they’ll never forget by marinating the meat first (in a Strucket) and show them how to create new flavours and slow cook the meat so that it is tender and juicy. This is a great activity for all ages even the teens!
  • Get Cultural. Have a look online at Easter traditions around the world and replicate them. You could do something like make a Simnel cake – it’s an English and Irish tradition that is fun and simple and you get to decorate the cake with tiny, yellow chicken decorations once it’s cooled.
  • Forget the rules. The best thing about Easter is the “holiday” part. There are no strict routines to follow and no school bells to make. So why not just have a sleep-in. In this hectic world, most people are sleep deprived and a nice lazy morning, with nothing to rush around for is a surefire way of making your day one to remember.
  • Give Back. A great feel-good activity for everyone is to do some community service and pay it forward. Consider donating to charity, rather than indulging in supermarket chocolate. Think about others around the world who would benefit from you spending your yearly chocolate fund on them. Think of the warm glow you’ll feel inside when you know someone has benefited from your self-control
  • Have a family picnic or barbecue. Make fun decorations to liven up the table or picnic blanket, take photos that are Instagram-worthy and remember the fun you had outdoors.
  • Easter falls in autumn and it’s a perfect time to collect leaves. Create a different take on the Easter-egg hunt and have a leaf hunt. Who can find the biggest, the weirdest, the most colourful?
  • Make an Easter bonnet, no seriously. It was fun in primary school and it’s still fun if you’re older. If you can get others to join in, then you can have a parade- go on, don’t be shy.
  • Have an egg toss. Ok, it’s wasteful, but oh how much fun. You should choose to hard boil your eggs, and name them, then line up the contestants (preferably on a hillside) and 1,2,3, go. Who’s has gone the furthest?

Chocolate is an Easter tradition, but how about making some new ones of your own this year and enjoy a different type of Family Fun.


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