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The Wetter Side of Life: 5 "Fluidy Messes" every parent encounters!

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Make no mistake, mums have a lot to put up with. From wiping snotty noses to cleaning up after pets, a mum’s lot is a liquidy one.

Whether you have a newborn, a toddler, a sick middle-schooler or an experimenting teenager your ability to navigate bodily fluid and save your skin, nose, and clothes from their wrath is a skill.

Luckily there are a few tricks that can help make the “clean and soak” less of a hassle.

Here are our top 5 wet mess moments that all mum’s deal with!

ONE. Poo. Snot. Spew. Wee. And leaky boobs. Babies are wet and messy by their very nature and there is nothing messier than their poo and wee. Now the almighty nappy is beautifully designed to capture all the goo and fluids, however, unless you go disposal, the clean-up can feel monumental. Using cloth across the board from nappies to bibs and wipes is great for the environment and when you have the right tools to soak and sanitise they are just as easy as their disposable counterparts. If you want a quick hands-free way to clean your cloth nappies read this. Every parent in the world (mum’s and dads too) will understand the "wet or shall we say moist" side of baby life!

TWO. More Wee & Poo Welcome to Toddler toilet training! This one can be full of hazards. Little oopsies and unusual aiming are a common outcome when helping the little ones to grow. From seeing new undies hanging low with a suspected poo to puddles of yellow laying across the kitchen floor – this can be an intense time of emotions ranging from immense pride for when they make the potty to sheer desperation when you step in before mentioned puddles. Toilet training clean up tip: Immersing soiled clothing quickly after the ‘accident’ will clean all smells and stains with ease.

THREE. Vomit. Then you hit “Teenage Time” and as much as we like to think our babies will be angels forever, the reality is that at some time our babies will probably have a moment of teenage experimentation that can involve drinking… And with a night of experimental frivolity can come to a spewy end. Whether it’s a stinky t-shirt or a drooly pair of pants, there is little doubt that us mums and dads will end up with a few reminders of our own teenage years with a less than pleasant outcome…. Hello, toilet bowl!

FOUR. Periods. One for the ladies, and our daughters. Periods are a part of human nature and hate them or hate them, they can be sneaky and shop up when you least expect sometimes. There will be times that all parents of a daughter will end up tending to the spoils of blood. Whether it is a clothing, towel or bedding issue, a quick soak in the Strucket will help restore all items back to fresh stain-free goodness.

FIVE. Incontinence. Or wee again. Whether you’re a mum who’s had kids, you’re that little bit older, or you’re now caring for your elderly parents - incontinence can be a real hassle. But don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone. 13% of men and 37% of women in Australia have problems with a little leakage. Your Strucket is a god sent when the leakage is more river than a stain.

Fluids are a bodily function and as a parent or a child nursing an aging parent you are guaranteed to have your fair share to deal with. However, there is no need to despair – with the help of your favourite soaking mixture and the hands-free Strucket – your clothes, skin, and sanity will remain safe!

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